Protection Products That Provide Your Dealership
With “Easy” Additional Revenue

Innovative Products

Offering different, unique and innovative products, allows a dealership to capture a market they have not had before. It allows the Aftermarket
consultant to adjust their “spiel” when confronted with the customer that’s “heard it all before”.

Apart from the traditional Paint and Interior protection, we offer a unique range of Dash Cams as well as Car Trackers for customers that want to know where their car is if lost or stolen. Nu-Shield N Shine is an affordable Paint protection perfect for the used car market….

We have a “Toolbox” approach to generating more profits. We know that not everyone needs or wants the same protection package, it’s about
having more tools on hand to close more sales.

Best of all you don’t have to have all our product range to benefit from our help.

AutoYou Paint & Interior

AUTOYOU products have been designed exclusively for the new and used car dealership market. AutoYou is very quickly becoming known as not only the new name in premium vehicle protection but the most advanced and forward-thinking provider of exceptionally good quality care product, available to Australian Dealership networks.

Dash Cam

Smile, You’re on Camera! 10 Reasons you should own a “UVUE” Security Dash Cam!

  1. Driver Accidents
  2. Parking Accidents
  3. Insurance Claims
  4. Road Rage
  5. Personal & Property Security
  6. Records Valuable Data
  7. Show off your Driving Skills
  8. Capturing the Unexpected
  9. Document Road Trip
  10. Peace Of Mind

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries For You…