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Nu-Line “Client Services” System

The Nu-Line “client services” system offers your dealership an additional “employee” that specializes in selling, on your behalf, aftermarket products!!!
This service is offered to the dealership on a commission share basis and at no up front cost. Commission is calculated on gross dollars sold. The average return to the dealership on each sale is estimated at $500 per new car and $200 per used car. Conversion rates typically vary between 20% to 40%.
The client services manager will introduce them self as a representative of the dealership. Part of the role of the client services manger is to advise the customer on the maintenance and protection of their investment.

To optimize the success rate we suggest:

  1. Appoint a staff member among your team to be responsible for faxing/emailing and liaison with the client services manager. This person will work closely with the client services manager to provide the customer with the best service.
  2. Allocate a time for the Nu-Line Agent to give your staff a product overview and training. Sales staff need to be trained on the product and introduction methods. Service staff needs to be trained on how to apply or install the various products.
  3. Notify your team of the procedure. Determine the best time to fax/email the contracts to maximize returns. Remember the sooner the customer is contacted after the sale the better the conversion rate. The client services manager will be in contact with the appointed staff on a regular basis to keep abreast of customer orders and/or inquiries.
  4. A weekly report will be sent to you with information of all deals faxed and results achieved.


  1. Fax/email contract or Aftermarket Sales Form to the Client Service Centre the same day. Please ensure to note details of customers wants, needs and profile.
  2. The client service manager will follow up on the call within 24 hrs
  3. The client service manager will fax back to the dealership the sales report of the transaction.
  4. Nu-line will invoice sale within 48 hours, and payment due on delivery.

To talk to us re charges and setting up or any other questions please email [email protected] or call 03 9758 7535