Our $2000 Towards Accommodation Voucher Close!

The perfect closing incentive for your customers!

A growing trend in the way customers buy has shown us the importance of an online presence. Customers Google everything these days, we see this when they buy cars often knowing everything about them, including price before they even come to the dealership. When it comes to aftermarket we know that if you don’t close them on the spot, and they say they want to think about it, chances are they are going home to research on the net.
Our website is full information designed to help your customers feel confident in buying what they have been offered. Our website provides product information, as well as reasons why they should buy protection for their cars and testimonials from other happy customers. Lucky for us we have great products and no bad reviews for them to find online, so you can feel confident in promoting our range. As Nu-line never sells direct you can be assured never to lose a sales to us, should a customer try to buy online they will be revered back to our dealerships.

We tease them with the our $2000.00 Accommodation Voucher to hopefully close a sale for you!

If you are interest in offering this voucher, remembering it’s only on our website at this stage, so customers only see it if looking for more information to go from thinking about it to buying… Talk to us re how this works..

Too good to be true huh?

Let me explain why venues sign up to this ‘give away’ and how everyone benefits!

Venues are always bidding for your business! How can they get you to choose them over other great venues? By giving you something for free!

The ‘buy one night and get one night free’ option is a perfect solution for an accommodation venue. Of course you are going to choose to only pay for one night instead of two with the competitor down the road.

So they now have your business. Yay for them. They know you will make incidental purchases along the way….mini bar, another extra night, extra person, room service, drinks at the bar, upgrade your breakfast…..the list goes on.

Not to mention; referral business. If you enjoy your stay, you will recommend them to your family and friends. You may even come back yourself. This is like free advertising to the venue. Nothing speaks louder than a personal recommendation.

So that free night secures the venue, money from you in the form of food and beverage, repeat business and potential new customers. A win win!!!

The ‘get one night free when you dine in’ option is also a great way for the venue to secure your business. You are definitely going to choose a venue that does not charge you to stay there. And you have to eat anyway. The benefits are the same long term for the venue too; referral business, repeat business and extra sales you would make on a holiday anyway; drinks at the bar, share a afternoon snack of ‘Trio of Dips…’. A win win again.

So if your thinking ’Sounds too good to be true’, please explain to them that this is the venue’s way of securing your business in the hope of future sales. They would allocate it towards their ‘advertising costs’.

And Nu-Line is giving you this tool to help you close more packs with our products in them. We know this voucher can help you get more customers to say yes. It really is an amazing and quite unique promotion. We think it is lovely to have something new and different to talk about. And by giving it to you, (the dealership), we are making it easy for you to make more money. A win win again.

So please enjoy this opportunity and make it work for you. After all, you deserve a ‘win win’ too!