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Extra aftermarket revenue

As a boutique aftermarket company we are always looking to give you more reasons and profits to show you our appreciation for your support. We proudly invite you to join our new affiliate program!

As a Nu-Line Affiliate, you will reap the benefits of ongoing future revenue from customers visiting our website.

A growing trend in the way customers buy has shown us the importance of an online presence. Customers Google everything these days, we see this when they buy cars often knowing everything about them, including price before they even come to the dealership. When it comes to aftermarket we know that if you don’t close them on the spot, and they say they want to think about it, chances are they are going home to research on the net.

Our website has been designed to help your customers feel confident in buying what they have been offered. Our website provides product information, as well as reasons why they should buy protection for their cars and testimonials from other happy customers. Lucky for us we have great products and no bad reviews for them to find online, so you can feel confident in promoting our range.

Should a potential client come to our website to research our products, and then wish to make a purchase, they will be referred back you our loyal dealer!

Our website is designed to give information, close packs and promote ongoing revenue for our loyal dealers!


After the initial sale we know from experience not all customers come back to the dealership to buy their shampoo’s etc, it could be that they live too far away or just don’t have the time to come into the dealership. Nu-Line is committed to offering customers excellent service and for this reason where applicable and with their permission, we will email or text your customers with friendly reminders to come back to your the dealership or buy online, their maintenance products, as well as reminders of their warranty requirements (where applicable), so their warranties never lapse. Should the customer buy online we will share with you 20% of the gross sale, to be used towards future orders.

Nu-line will upsell other maintenance products and even first application for Nu-Shield N Shine if customer has only brought DIY option… all revenue will be shared with our Loyal dealers.

We work for you!