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Hi my name is Erika, and I started Nu-Line Solutions some 25 years ago because the aftermarket company I was working for let me down with my “dealers”. We had a major issue with the brand of Alarm we were selling and instead of replacing them and keeping my dealers customers happy, they decided it would be cheaper to try and repair them which didn’t work and we had a lot of very unhappy customers and in turn I lost all my dealers as clients, this is when I thought I could do this better myself and I have…

I still see companies that have way too many claims and they don’t handle them correctly resulting in unhappy customers… I still see reps that have no idea how to actually help their consultant as they have never sat in the chair themselves, let alone motivate and inspire them to do better…

I still see a lot of negative reviews not only from customers but from sales staff. This all leads to a loss of confidence, bad moral and sometimes it is just all to hard an attitude from the sales and service team which all results in lost opportunities and profits!

I have put together the best team of reps that have all sat in the chair themselves so they know how to help the in house consultants, not only with sales techniques and product knowledge but also understanding the dealership dynamics.

Angie our training manager and I are continually attending workshops and training seminars gathering relevant information and motivation to pass on to our team and dealers, as well as new strategies, ideas and award winning products to maximize your profits.

Of course we offer our proven Paint and Interior protection, but we also offer a range of unique Dash Cams to keep customers protected against road rage and accidents and Car Trackers for customers that want to know where their car is if it’s lost or stolen…. We have a “Toolbox” approach to generating profits, we know that not everyone needs the same protection package, it’s about having more tools on hand to close more sales. Best of all you don’t have to have all our product range to benefit from our help

In regards to claims, and there will always be claims, It’s the nature of any business. 2 things set us apart, 1 We have less than 1% claim rate and 2 I personally look after any claims, and I treat people like I would like my mother treated.

I am extremely proud that we were Voted No.1 Boutique Aftermarket Company by over 100 Consultants in Victorian dealerships for assisting them with generating more profits with our innovative products and providing exceptional support, training and motivation.

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