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Innovative & Unique Products

Vehicle Protection Products That Lead The Way!

Voted No1 Boutique Aftermarket Company by over 100 Consultants in Victorian dealerships for assisting them with generating more profits with innovative products and providing exceptional support, training and motivation.

“I highly recommend Nu-line to any dealership looking for exceptional products,
a pro active and results driven aftermarket company”

David Haines Patterson – Cheney Toyota

“Educational and positive sale training. Great product training. Always supportive of us girls!”

Lea Sannen

“Nu-Line go above and beyond for our customers when required. The support and training provided by Nu-Line has been very helpful with not only my sales but also my personal development. Weekly visits from my rep Angie is really amazing; knowing I have ongoing support and encouragement!”

Jessie Hultgren

“Nu-Line care about the welfare and product knowledge of their consultants. Warranty claims are dealt with promptly and effectively. I feel very comfortable selling Nu-Line knowing I have the support of Erika and the Nu-Line team behind me.”

Anita Le-Grange

“Professional positive training. Quick in handling warranty claims. Always coming up with great products. Supports their girls tremendously….100% which leads to greater profits for Dealers and Sales Consultant.”

Tonia James

Protection Products That Provide Your Dealership
With “Easy” Additional Revenue

Innovative Products

Offering different, unique and innovative products, allows a dealership to capture a market they have not had before. It allows the Aftermarket
consultant to adjust their “spiel” when confronted with the customer that’s “heard it all before”.

Apart from the traditional Paint and Interior protection, we offer a unique range of Dash Cams as well as Car Trackers for customers that want to know where their car is if lost or stolen. Nu-Shield N Shine is an affordable Paint protection perfect for the used car market….

We have a “Toolbox” approach to generating more profits. We know that not everyone needs or wants the same protection package, it’s about
having more tools on hand to close more sales.

Best of all you don’t have to have all our product range to benefit from our help.

Affiliate Info

As an authorised Nu-Line Dealer, you will reap the benefits of ongoing future revenue from customers buying from our website.

We know not all customers come back to the dealership to buy shampoo and other car care accessories, however, if they visit our website and make a purchase we will share the profits with you!

All revenue earned will be deducted off future product orders.

Phone Follow Up System

“being a country dealer we love the phone follow up service, no risk or outlay just much needed profits!!! Thanks Nu-Line” Andrew Beckett Sale City Holden

The Nu-Line “client services” system offers your dealership an additional “employee” that specialises in selling, on your behalf, aftermarket products!!!
This service is offered to the dealership on a commission share basis and at no up front cost. Commission is calculated on gross dollars sold. The average return to the dealership on each sale is estimated at $500 per new car and $200 per used car. Conversion rates typically vary between 20% to 40%.

Recruitment and Job

At Nu-line we pride ourselves on sourcing outstanding aftermarket consultants.
We have several avenues that we utilise to recruit – from advertising to referrals. With your dealerships requirements in mind, candidates are put through a stringent interviewing process. With our personal in-house experience we have developed a training system that targets product training, sales techniques and goal setting.

Competition Info

Have you ever had a customer tell the salesman I don’t want to see the aftermarket consultant, I’ve seen it all before?……
Well now you have a few unique products up your sleeve that they probably haven’t heard about before!
With Nu-line’s unique product range, you now now have a reason to speak to these customers. We want to reward your loyalty and encourage you to experience our unique award winning products for yourselves.

Our $2000 Towards Accommodation Voucher Close

A growing trend in the way customers buy has shown us the importance of an online presence. Customers Google everything
these days, we see this when they buy cars often knowing everything about them, including price before they even come to the dealership. When it comes to aftermarket we know that if you don’t close them
on the spot, and they say they want to think about it, chances are they are going home to research on the net.

The 3 Biggest Benefits
of Working With Nu-Line

Hands On Approach

As a Boutique Aftermarket company we pride ourselves on being “hands on”, firstly the Nu-line reps have, and do regularly, sit in the After Market chair themselves, so we are able to offer “real” knowledge and help for in-house consultants.

We personally know all the challenges that this department faces, not just with sales techniques and product knowledge but also understanding the dealership dynamics.

Training & Motivation

As a company we continually attend workshops and training seminars gathering relevant information and motivation to pass on to our team and the dealers we service. We understand the importance of ongoing education and continual personal growth, having a goal/target to excel not just in sales but also in life.

For our AM Consultants, Angie Schmitzer, our head trainer, inspires all with her regular “Keys to Success” newsletter and our training/motivation sessions.

Support & Back-up

We think outside the “box”, we create unique marketing ideas and are able to experiment with different strategies to maximize dealer profits.

We offer personalize marketing materials, and work with dealerships on special events.

1. We have less than 1% claim rate and 2. Customers are personally look after by the “owner of the company”, and we treat your customers like we would want our own mothers treated.

This all leads to increased confidence, good moral and positive attitudes from the sales and service staff! which all results in extra profits.!!




If you have never tried our services and products before simply book an appointment and allow us to show you how we can increase your bottom-line profits OR if your already a Nu-line fan refer another dealer and if they join our team, we will reward you with these delicious strawberries…

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